Flowers and Instagram

Flowers and Instagram

Share your flower arrangements on Instagram 

Instagram! We all know it! We all love it! Instagram is THE social media network right now. That goes for personal use as well as business use! This is the platform where you can throw up some of your best pictures of your awesome flowers and advertise your business, all in one shot.  But that should only happen, if you take a good quality photo. Quality photos are a must to attract and keep a good social following. 

One way to improve those floral shots is to USE BOTH HANDS. iPhones, as well as many other smartphones, are light and thin. This makes your ability to capture your flower arrangements nearly unlimited. However, to stabilize your shots, you should use both hands and rest your arms against your body. This will keep you from getting those shaky, blurry product shots when you’re capturing the beauty of your unique flower arrangements. Low quality product images are unwanted in a social feed and you must strive to keep them off your feed and never in the face of your social following.  

Take a photos of your flowers using the HDR Setting

Another simple way to improve your floral product shots is to use the HDR feature for landscape photos. This will take three pictures simultaneously and paste them together to give you a better lit image. Whatever you do, DO NOT MOVE when taking a HDR photo. The HDR feature is specifically for still shots. 

Also, always-always-always find a natural light source. Whether that be in the front window of your flower shop or right outside your door, let that sunlight help to capture every stunning detail of your lilies, roses, orchids, and whatever else is in your flower arrangement. This is one of the most important ways to improve the floral buying experience for your customers. 

Amazing quality flower photos 

On another note, many of us have seen the iPhone 6 commercials that are ‘Shot on iPhone 6’. Most of these commercials do not have additional editing unless it’s a simple icon addition to brand the video or words. The iPhone is such a great tool to take high quality photographs of your flowers. There is no need to hire a professional photographer! Save the TIME and MONEY by capturing your own floral product shots right on your smartphone. Photos off mobile devices look amazing! New technology for photography is such a hot subject that the cameras are improving 10 fold, year after year. But not only are the cameras improving, so is additional hardware to enhance your floral product shots.

You have most cost-efficient quality tools like the iPhone at your disposal and the most powerful social media platform in the world for images (Instagram). It takes just a few minutes a day to show off your flower arrangements and advertise your business. Best of all, it's FREE advertisement for your flower shop. Who wouldn’t want to take advantage of that! 
Happy snapping! #Floraltab and let us see your beautiful work!
Anna Bryant

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