Social media outlets like Twitter and Instagram are changing the way we communicate with others. Instead of drawing attention from traditional forms of advertising, we now communicate our message through the use of hashtags (#).  Hashtags allow people to specify keywords and/or phrases about their picture or post. This will gain the attention of your target audience at low cost… Free. Your post can be found by others searching the same or related hashtag, and it allows a large audience of people to join a conversation or follow a movement.

This is an opportunity for businesses to leverage trends. This marketing strategy is supplemental to current forms and it’s very easy to do. For example, you might see a designer clothing company posting about the Presidential Election Debate while simultaneously promoting their own brand.   

“Wow, look at that suit (insert candidate) is wearing! Pretty sharp! #Debate2016 #Election2016 #suit #pinstripe #(their company)

You can see from this example how a current event can be taken advantage of and used as a marketing tool.  It has the possibility of receiving a large amount of impressions and potential customers looking into your company/brand. The trends can be on a city, state or nationwide level. Be mindful and focus on your target market and delivery areas you serve for the best results. Also be aware, with this maneuver as it may seem like a cheap tactic if you can’t find a way to tie in your business with a hot trend. The hashtag keyword used should hold value to your post/proposition.

For your flower shop there are plenty of ways to get your photos, blog posts, and sales advertisements out into the world without much time or a huge advertising budget. This small technique should be leveraged to gain a competitive advantage in the local floral space.    

Try to follow the unwritten rules of the hashtag and avoid “hashtag stuffing” which can clog up your post and detract from your overall message. Followers may soon become unfollowers if they see this too often.


Best of luck and don’t forget to hashtag #floraltab

Joe Arrigo

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