Florists, Who’s on Your Website?

Florists, Who’s on Your Website?

Using Analytics

The most overlooked aspect of a floral website is the monitoring of your web traffic. Without knowing who is visiting, where they are from, when they are visiting and the time spent visiting, you are left in the dark to improve your website’s performance.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a the best tool to monitor your web traffic. And it's free! It’s easy to set up on your website and will benefit you tremendously, once you learn how to utilize it. This link walks you through the process of the set up and adding the tracking code. If you are already using a Floral Tab created website through our partner Shopify, entering this block of code into your website is even easier.


Key Factors in Monitoring Traffic

Landing Page: This is the page where people land on when coming from a search engine or clickable advertisement. Knowing what pages people visit can help you decide what to display on that particular page to increase sales and interactions.

Pageviews: This stat shows how many different pages were visited during a certain time period. For example, you might want to see how many people viewed your Valentine's’ Day arrangement during the Valentine’s Day week. This information can help you decide if you need to change the page to drive more traffic, or keep it the same if you're getting the results you desire.

Bounce Rate: This is simply the rate at which people leave your site without navigating to other pages. The lower the bounce rate, the better your site is performing. This means people are exploring your site deeper than the landing page. It’s crucial to know where people are Landing, and then the rate at which they are bouncing. Knowing the bounce rate can help you tailor the landing page so people stay on your website and browse more arrangements!

Source/Medium: This shows where your traffic is coming from (Facebook, Google, Email, etc.) This helps you know what sources drive the most traffic to your site and where you need to focus your marketing energy.

Take Advantage

Running a flower shop is unquestionably one of the most life-consuming career choices one can make. This free analytics tool only enhances your ability to monitor the health of your business and will help you find ways to increase revenue. With flower shops struggling against the plague of wire services, the more you know about your website traffic, the better chances of success you'll have. 

Joe Arrigo

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