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Why We Need Flowers

Why We Need Flowers 0

“I must have flowers, always, and always.” ― Claude Monet

Claude Monet, famous French impressionist painter, was correct in saying this. But there’s more reasons why we need flowers other than their obvious beauty and decoration value. In what is now an infamous University study from Rutgers, we learn there are both mental health benefits and physical benefits to having flowers in your house and within eyesight.

Flowers and Mood

One’s mood is greatly affected upon receiving flowers, as is clearly obvious to any floral delivery drivers when seeing the face of their recipient. But more than this, is the calming effect the flowers have throughout the following days. The study showed decreased anxiety and stress and an increased sense of well being after receiving flowers. The emotional connection between the giver and receiver has a different effect than other gifts. Giving flowers is seen as a more intimate display of friendship and love over a gift that may be more materialistic. A bottle of wine or brandy, although classic in its use as a friendly gesture, doesn’t resonate in the same way as flowers do. 

Flowers and Feng Shui

Flowers displayed in your house where guests see them as they enter is a huge trigger for a positive emotional response. The theory says that flowers remind us subconsciously of our natural being, reconnecting us with mother nature in a very primitive way. Did you know that Feng Shui and flowers are connected? This article explains the relationship between certain flowers and the brain’s response.  For example, the Chrysanthemum is considered to have a strong yang energy (the opposite of the yin energy) which is used to attract good luck to your home.

Give flowers more often to improve your friendships and enhance their physical/emotional well-being. Always buy from a local florist, you're guaranteed the freshest flowers and the most beautiful designs. 


Joe Arrigo